5 Must-Have's for Renovating a Nursery

Welcoming a child into the world is an exciting time, and renovating a spare room or bedroom to become a nursery is a joyous project, but one that requires a lot of choices. During this time, you may have friends reaching out to offer hand-me-down items for the nursery, which can be a great way to save money and time. But there are five things to consider first for your nursery that should require the most consideration, and give you a starting point to tie the rest of the space together.

A Quality Crib

Invest in a quality and durable crib that meets today's safety standards and can grow with your baby. A convertible crib can even last from when your child is a newborn all the way until they are three years old. Choose natural wood and stay away from laminates and plastics, as these materials contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) and your newborn will spend up to 17 hours a day sleeping in proximity.

Opt for Flex Pieces

Look for items to fill your nursery that have utility while also offering additional storage spaces. Good examples are changing tables that double as dresser storage for linens and diapers, and ottomans that can provide seating, with storage compartments for changing cloths, toys and other items.

Choose Comfort

While style is important, you will be spending hours in the nursery each day, and comfort is key. Invest in a comfortable rocking chair that will provide support for you while you are up late taking care of your baby. If there is room in your space, consider purchasing a loveseat or couch, so that you might even be able to slip in a brief nap as well.

Decor Check

The priority for decor items should be bringing calm and comfort. Avoid loud and aggravating colors, like red, and opt for soothing pastels and neutrals. Lighting is another important decor item. Lights that can dim easily are a great option, as well as blackout curtains for naptime during the day.

Incorporate Smart Elements

More and more smart home features are hitting the market for newborns. Consider choosing a smart home monitor for your space, which can monitor breathing, heart rate, and room conditions, as well as allow two-way communication features if you want to speak with your baby or a babysitter taking care of them. All of these options are available from your smartphone. Other smart nursery features allow you to dim overhead and nightlights with the click of a button when you need to go in another room to heat up a bottle.

After you've nailed the elements of your nursery, it is time to have fun! Paint a soothing mural over the crib, introduce colorful books and fill the room with stuffed animals to be adored for years to come.

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