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Real Estate Academy FAQs


What are the requirements for getting a Georgia real estate license?

You must successfully complete a 75-hour salesperson's pre-license course, pass the course exam, pass the state exam with a score of 72% or higher, and be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. You must also obtain a certified criminal history report indicating whether you have any record of criminal history. This report must be obtained no more than 60 days prior to picking up your license.

Can I obtain a real estate license if I've had a criminal conviction?

You will be required to submit a Background Clearance Application to the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC). This application is available on the GREC website or in the PSI Candidate Handbook. The GREC may approve or deny your application, depending on your circumstances.

Can I get a refund after I've purchased the course?

You may request a refund prior to attending a class only. No refunds are paid once you have attended any portion of class. The academy charges a $30 administrative fee and a $55 book charge (if you received the textbook in advance) for any refund paid. Refunds are not available if you purchased the course through a third-party discount provider and the voucher has been redeemed upon registering for a pre-license course.

Online courses are refundable if you have not logged into the course and provide a written refund request within 7 days of purchase. No refund request will be considered after you have logged in or any later than 7 days after the purchase date.

Do I need to buy textbooks to learn real estate?

The cost of tuition for in-class courses includes books and materials. Online courses do not require textbooks. No additional purchases are necessary, although supplemental resources are available for purchase through the academy.

Can I transfer to another in-class course after I've already started one?

If you've attended less than 50% of the course, then you may transfer one time only to another in-class pre-license course at no additional charge. You will be required to retake the entire course from the beginning; and the transfer must be completed within one (1) year of the original enrollment date. After one year, re-enrollment will be required.

What happens if I miss any classes?

GREC requires you to attend all 75 hours of class time. Any missed time is required to be made up before taking the course final exam. If you miss less than 12 hours, missed time can be made up by attending a cram course at your expense. If you miss more than 12 hours, you will be dropped from the course and will be required to re-enroll at an additional fee to retake a subsequent Salesperson Pre-license course.

What happens if I fail the school final exam?

You must achieve a score of 72% or higher on the written course final exam. If you don't pass the final exam the first time, you may retake the final exam one time at no charge. All testing must be completed within one (1) year of course start date. If you fail to achieve a passing score on a retake examination, GREC requires you repeat the course in its entirety before taking another examination. Hours from any previous class do not transfer to the new session. A re-enrollment fee will be required.

What happens once I enroll myself in an online real estate class?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order and student receipt with course access information.

How much time do I have to complete the online course?

You have 180 days (6 months) from the date of purchase or from the date of re-enrollment to complete the course. Extensions may be purchased from the online provider at an additional cost. You may extend up-to one (1) year from your purchase date. You must take and pass your online exam within one (1) year of your purchase date. Online courses require a timed, proctored final exam; given online.

Can I transfer to an in-class course if I don't like the online version?

The money paid for an online course and lessons completed are not transferrable to an in-class course. You may re-enroll for an in-class course at a reduced price (includes books and materials). There is no refund for your online course.

Is there someone I can call if I need help with my course?

Should you have questions regarding your real estate course, Terry Young, Academy Director, will be happy to provide assistance. She can be reached during business hours any weekday excluding holidays by emailing

Is private tutoring available?

Private tutoring is available but time cannot be applied toward any pre-license attendance requirement. Private tutoring is provided independently of Metro Brokers Real Estate Academy and tutoring rates vary. To schedule private tutoring, please call the Academy at 404.836.4040 or email

Where can I find information about the state real estate exam?

The PSI Real Estate Candidate Handbook includes pricing, location, and comprehensive information about taking your state exam with PSI. The state licensing exam is administered weekdays at testing centers in Georgia. Currently, the exam fee is $119 and payment in full is required at the time of registration. The one-time license fee of $170 is paid when you pick up your license after passing the state exam. Pricing is subject to change.

I passed the salesperson's examination. Is there a time limit for paying for and picking up my license?

Any person who passes a salesperson's examination must apply for an active or inactive license within 90 days of the exam date. The license fee doubles if you do not obtain the license within 90 days of passing the exam. If you don't apply for a license within twelve months, GREC may require you to retake the state examination to qualify for licensure. Contact GREC for more information 404.656.3916.

I have just passed the salesperson's examination. How soon can I go to work?

You may not begin brokerage activity until you provide a wall certificate and pocket card to the brokerage firm with which you will affiliate.

If I place my real estate license on inactive status, may I work in sales or leasing for a builder or developer?

No. GREC requires an active real estate license for the practice of any real estate activity; which includes the leasing or sale of Real Estate.

If I've had a real estate license in another state, can I obtain a reciprocal license in Georgia?

If you currently hold a real estate license in another state that is in good standing (not lapsed or expired) and you obtained that license by taking an examination there, you may be eligible to obtain a reciprocal license in Georgia. The Application for Reciprocity is available in the "Forms and Applications" section of the Georgia Real Estate Commission website - For additional questions, please contact GREC at 404.656.3916 or

May I obtain a real estate license in another state by reciprocity?

Yes, in some states. If you're interested in obtaining a license in another state, you must contact that state directly for information on its licensing requirements for non-residents.