2021 Top Interior Design Trends for the Home

A sea of houseplants, bold wallpaper, natural textures and flex-spaces - these are just a few of the home trends that have emerged and taken root in 2021. In fact, this year has seen one of the most documented interior style revolutions since the takeover of the farmhouse trend in 2013. While shiplap and all grey interiors are on their way out, what is coming to take its place?

Here are the top 10 interior design trends for 2021 that are making a statement and bringing a breath of fresh air to the spaces we call home.

Earth-Tone Neutrals

Beige-based neutrals are gaining traction over grey hues. This is just one of the many ways that home owners are seeking to bring natural elements indoors.

Wood-Based Décor

Prominent wood elements are increasing, with lighter shades of wood becoming the most sought after. Hand-crafted and well-worn pieces are especially popular.

Bold Accents

More homeowners are trading in dark, brooding colors for bright gem tones, including vivid blues, magenta and even a loud pop of yellow.

Removable Wallpaper

While messy, traditional wallpaper is still on the outs, more people are livening up their plain spaces with removable wallpaper, especially in flex paces like home offices and even closets.

Tile Gaining Traction

Tile is having a revival, with more people falling in love with the colors and patterns of porcelain tiles, and using them on more spaces, including backsplashes and walls.

DIY Flooring

Once, installing new flooring required a messy and long-term installation process, but now new brands are releasing flooring that can be installed by home owners in a single weekend for a breath of fresh air in a space.

Houseplants Everywhere

Carrying over from 2020, more people are incorporating natural themes in their interior spaces, bringing house plants inside as nature's air purifiers. This also follows a trend of incorporating more natural green tones in interior spaces.

Floating Shelves

Open shelving in the kitchen is a low-cost update with loud modern tones. This is a particularly useful option for cramped spaces or installing shelving in a corner.

Grandmillennial and Maximalism

Minimalism is on the way out, and in its place is a quirky splash of patterns and colors known as the Grandmillennial style. This means shelves overrun with fun and unique items and over-the-top curtains and accessories.

The Return of the Family Meal

More people are spending time around the family table, but not just for dining. These spaces have become ideal for playing games, doing homework or even working.


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