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We all know how beneficial online exposure is when selling a home. Websites like Zillow, and are incredibly important, and we will list your home there. But our own website offers us a feature that you can’t find on those websites: ZAP.

ZAP is a platform that allows buyers and agents to collaborate as they work to find the perfect home. If it’s a platform that helps buyers, why does that matter to you, the seller? Because a buyer who can find your home easier means you could sell your home faster.

A platform for buyers that benefits sellers

  • ZAP is filled with tools to keep buyers engaged in the process of searching for a home, with extremely detailed searches, emails and agent follow-up tools, buyers can narrow down their interests pretty easily.

  • The program allows for easy collaboration between buyer and agent, so buyers can share their interests with the agent on the go and the agent can stay up-to-date on what the buyer is looking at.

Gauging interest in your home

  • Because of this combined effort, our agents can keep up with how much interest your home is getting. This allows them to increase that interest by reaching out to the buyers and offering to show them your home, answer any questions they have and potentially discuss an offer.

  • Due to the buyer being able to share and work with the agent more closely, it is much easier to convert prospective buyers that are looking at your home because the agent knows who they are.

  • If someone is looking at your home on a third-party website and is interested, unless they reach out to your agent, all they’re doing is looking. With ZAP, our agents can reach out to them and pitch them on your home sooner.

Want to learn more about ZAP?

  • Ask your Metro Brokers listing agent about ZAP and how it can help you sell your home.