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What is a Home Warranty?

An HSA Home Warranty is a service Contract that may help protect your budget against the cost of covered repairs or replacements to the major components of home systems and appliances that fail due to normal wear and tear.

HSA removes the worry and time-consuming task of having to find a service company. When there's a failure, you simply call HSA and they will dispatch a qualified home repair professional to take care of you.

Discover the Extra Perks of Having an HSA Home Warranty

HSA has added these additional services to help make your homeownership easier, too. Get the most of out of your home warranty and take advantage of these home services:

  • Rekey Service
    A service professional will rekey up to six keyholes for exterior hinged doors and provide you with four identical keys for the price of your Trade Call Fee.
  • Pre-season Tune-ups
    To ensure your HVAC systems are functioning properly, pre-season tune-ups are available (spring: A/C; fall: heating) for $75 per unit.
  • HelloTech TV Installation*
    A tech will install a bracket (provided by you), mount your TV, connect it to Wi-Fi, and set up your Smart TV apps. They'll have things up and running in about an hour for $99.†
  • Electronics Plan**
    Add the Electronics Plan to get extended protection for both new and existing items like smart home products, TVs, desktops, laptops, tablets, and more.
  • Discounts on Appliances
    We pass our discounts on name-brand appliances to you. Download the appliance discount program shopping worksheet from your MyAccount.


*Only for TVs 60 inches or smaller, to be mounted onto drywall backed by wooden studs. Mounting brackets not included. Additional charges for different surfaces, metal studs and TVs larger than 60 inches. Not available in all states.
†Additional HelloTech services are not subject to the special discounted rate.
**This option is subject to a $2,000 per Electronics Plan claim limited and a $5,000 aggregate Electronics Plan Limit.

Requesting Service is Easy

Contact HSA.
If the item is covered in your Contract, you can place a service request or call HSA's 24/7 customer service line at 800.367.1448. You will pay a trade service fee, per trade.

Home repair professional assigned.
HSA Home Warranty will assign a local, qualified home repair professional to handle your covered request.

Schedule service.
A local home repair professional will contact you by phone to schedule an appointment time during normal business hours to visit your home and diagnose your covered item.

The local home repair professional arrives at your home and your covered item is repaired or replaced. If there are any costs incurred not covered under the warranty Contract, you would be responsible for these repair costs.