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Marketing & Technology

The Power Of The Brand

Almost everyone has a Better Homes and Gardens story. Whether it be making recipes out of the BHG Cookbook, buying BHG home products or just reading the magazine, the brand has made an impact. It’s one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

When you do business with Metro Brokers, that powerful branding comes along with us.

Better Homes and Gardens is a name people trust and look toward as an influencer in homes. When people see that logo on our signs, they gain interest right away and can know they’ll be getting a quality real estate experience.

Metro Brokers Labs

Cutting edge is our specialty

At Metro Brokers, we aren’t satisfied with the industry standard. We actively search for the newest and most cutting-edge technology to give our agents a leg up on the competition. If we find something we like, we don’t just test it out. We dive in full force. We partner with the top up-and-coming startups to provide the best services to our agents.

We’ve partnered with companies like Dotloop, Boost by Homespotter, and ListTrac, among others, to give our agents the tools they need to be successful in the world of real estate.

Only the best for our agents

Once we are ready to give our agents access to this new technology, we don’t just set you up with a webinar and then let you figure out the rest on your own. We bring in the people who know the software best and hold in-person training sessions with our agents so they can learn firsthand, ask questions, and make suggestions.

Marketing and Technology

Corporate Marketing Support

  • In-house marketing – At BHGRE Metro Brokers, we don’t outsource our marketing efforts. We have our own team of marketing professionals, all of whom are geared towards creating marketing tools that agents can take advantage of in their business.

  • Ongoing branding campaigns - BHGRE Metro Brokers’ agents benefit from a multi-media campaign targeting more than 500 million consumers annually through internet and national print advertising.

  • Social Networking Presence – Our social media presence is two-fold. We have a public presence for consumers and a presence for agents. This allows us to split up our information so you get what you need and your clients get what they need. And they’re all run by our in-house marketing team.

  • PR Efforts - Our in-house communications team is committed to promoting BHGRE Metro Brokers and its associates through the news media, special events, promotions, and our monthly e-newsletter, Metro Monthly.

Tools for Agents

Marketing and Technology

  • Prominent Online Presence – Our agents' listings are sent to hundreds of websites to increase their visibility and provide them with more leads.

  • Super Sunday - This open house event is held on the second Sunday of each month. Hundreds of open houses are available and Metro Brokers gives away $1,000 in a random drawing to an open house visitor.

  • Distinctive Collection - A marketing program specifically designed for the luxury home market that offers sales associates an array of enhanced sales materials, signage, and advertising opportunities.

  • Supply Superstore - Our in-house marketing store stocks customized marketing materials, signs, clothing, novelty items, sales presentation materials, and more. Numerous marketing flyers and brochures are available at no cost to associates.

  • Moxi – Our agents drive their businesses with the Moxi suite of technology. Moxi consists of four programs designed to cater to an agent's specific needs: a revolutionary presentation and CMA builder, automated marketing materials, an exceptional CRM, and an agent website tailored for lead generation. This technology platform empowers our agents to enhance productivity and streamline their marketing and management processes, making it easier and faster than ever.

  • DotLoop – In our growing digital age, everything needs the capability to be handled on the go, and that includes buying or selling a home. So we use DotLoop, an innovative and successful platform that allows agents and consumers to easily share documents and e-sign them. So if you’re too busy to meet on a certain day, you can sign all your paperwork right from your phone.

  • Digital and Print Marketing Center – Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate offers a full-scale digital and print marketing center packed with templates for flyers, brochures, postcards, and other types of marketing collateral that is fully customizable to specific listings and agents. There’s no need to spend hours trying to make a flyer in a program that’s impossible to master. The Marketing Center is simple and easy to use.

  • PinPoint PinPoint is one of the most unique marketing programs in real estate. As a subsidiary of Meredith Corporation, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate can use Meredith’s data from magazine subscriptions to create audiences for marketing campaigns. Agents can target specific locations, incomes, and demographics. The subscribers volunteer all of the information through periodical surveys in their magazines.

  • BHG Magazine Subscriptions – The Better Homes and Gardens Magazine is iconic. As an agent, you get access to subscriptions to the magazine to pass along to your homebuyers and sellers. Even better, you can customize the magazine with your information so that your agent photo and contact information are on each magazine they receive.

  • Social Networking Resources – Hitting people where they live is the best way to get information out. Social networking is a huge part of today’s society, so that’s why we’ve created resources for our agents to use in their social networking profiles and campaigns to look professional and be successful.