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Lithonia, GA

Lithonia, GA

Lithonia gets its name from a combination of the Greek words lithos (stone) and onia (place). The city is surrounded by granite, as well as the nearby Stone Mountain, so the name is fitting. Located just outside the perimeter of metro Atlanta, Lithonia is a small community with around 2,000 residents.

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Lithonia’s history begins as a community in the 1840s called Cross Roads. The area was established at the intersection of two roads connecting Decatur and Augusta, as well as Lawrenceville and McDonough. The city wasn’t established until 1856.

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Arabia Mountain is a terrific place for hiking in the area. Hike, bike, kayak, geocache, climb, camp and run all throughout the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area. The area has more than 2,000 acres and is guaranteed fun for the family.

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  • Play 18 holes at Mystery Valley Golf Club
  • Go shopping at the Mall of Stonecrest
  • Play some video games at Gamers Xperience


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