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Keep Those New House Feels

Home organizing hacks to de-clutter your space When you search for your new home, you probably envision yourself living there with nice furniture, matching décor, and that fresh new house scent. Then you move in and put everything up nicely and it stays like that for the first few months, maybe. Over time, things start to get messy, and less organized and your new house isn't so new anymore.

With a busy lifestyle, it can be time-consuming to clean up after yourself, especially others too. While some people may prefer to hire a housekeeper, there is an alternative. Read on to find organizing hacks that help de-clutter your space and most importantly, maintain that tidiness as you reside in your home for months or years.

Sort it Out First and foremost, get rid of the items that are solely taking up space. You may be familiar with the four-box method: keep it, store it, donate it or sell it. This is a busy project and to some, it may be tedious, but you will thank yourself in the end. Sorting it out doesn’t have to be tedious. Going through all of your stuff can actually be fun and very satisfying.

Make it Fun by:

  • Playing your favorite music
  • Listening to a podcast
  • Discovering things you forgot all about
  • Finding items you thought were lost forever

To avoid getting overwhelmed, begin with one room at a time and separate your items into the four different boxes as you see fit. This can be the hardest part since it is common to feel connected to our belongings. We recommend using The KonMari Method™ as a helpful guide for letting go of items that do not bring purpose or joy.

Maximize Storage Space Unless you absolutely enjoy reading the back of a cereal box while eating, toss the boxes out for a kitchen canister set. This is a popular, aesthetically pleasing way to store your food. Make your seasoning cabinet go from basic to an intentional spice cabinet using spice jars. Keep your produce fresh with airtight containers to prevent excess moisture from building up. Use labels that stick to the containers and remember to write the expiration date if there is one.

Get creative! Noodles, eggs, seasonings, oats, candy, juice – almost anything you can think of can be transitioned into a kitchen container.

Baskets & Bowls Another stylish way to maximize your storage space is with the use of baskets, bins, and bowls. Save closet space by folding your throw blankets or towels into a basket. There are a lot of neat baskets to choose from that can go with the flow of your interior décor. We suggest going the green route and searching for renewable materials like bamboo baskets. Use bowls to store miscellaneous items such as bobby pins, electronic chargers, remote controls, spoons – anything you would normally stuff in a junk drawer. Keep in mind that you will have way less junk after sorting it out. Similar to baskets, there are different bowls with unique designs that can either stand out or blend in with your space, while also serving a purpose.

Put it away, according to your day Finally, precisely plan the locations of where you put everything. This means putting away the items you hardly ever use and keeping the items you do use regularly in an accessible place. Keep it convenient and store items in places that make sense for you and your daily routines. If it is summertime, put your winter clothes in the back of your closet. If you have a blender that you only use when you have company over, search for cabinet space rather than leaving it on the counter. Make it work for you!

The next time you clean up will be a breeze and your home can maintain those new feels!

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