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How to Turn Your Backyard Into an Oasis

How to Turn Your Backyard Into an Oasis

Summer is approaching quickly, and more and more people are spending their evenings outside enjoying longer days, additional warmth, and less spring rains. Despite more restaurants and other entertainment destinations opening again this spring, there is still a great demand for spaces to gather outdoors with family and friends to eat, play games, and reconnect face-to-face, making this the perfect time to make a few quick upgrades to your backyard to create both a private oasis and perfect gathering space.

Plant for Privacy

Nothing is more relaxing than spending time on a patio that feels secluded from busy streets and the eyes of neighbors. If you don't have time or resources to throw up brick or wood fencing, consider using plants and other landscaping to create a natural barrier on the outskirts of your yard. Emerald Green Arborvitae trees grow over 12 feet tall and can live through all four seasons. Boxwood Hedges can be easily shaped and groomed to fit your space, and Buckthorn trees are perfect to fill in small gaps.

Hang Twinkle Lights

Installing twinkle or fairy lights over your patio can make you and your guests feel like you've been transported to an outdoor living room in Rome or Paris. Another benefit is that using glowing twinkle lights are less attractive to mosquitos and moths than glaring white porch lights, crafting a space that is more conducive for eating bug free.

Install a Fire Pit

The right firepit can provide a welcome gathering space to host, as well as tie together the stylistic themes of your patio. When picking a firepit, if you do not have ready access to firewood, consider a propane or natural gas pit that are neat and easy to turn on and off. Another factor to consider is the style-if your patio is fairly modern, consider a firepit that doubles as a gathering table or has room to store drinks.

Install a Retractable Shade

If your patio is not already covered, consider adding a retractable shade over your gathering space. This provides more options to enjoy the sun on spring days with a cold lemonade, or to unroll your shade and protect patio furniture from fading at midday when rays are the hottest.

Add Comfortable Seating

Finally, to make the oasis you've created more enjoyable, add comfortable seating. A top option for 2021 is a hammock chair, which can provide some shelter for the sun, while helping alleviate back tension and stress. Arrange your patio furniture so that pieces face one another to create an invitation for conversation. If you decide to include an outdoor table as well, move it into the space closest to the door, for easy trips to and from the kitchen with dishes.

While summer is the perfect time to work on your patio, creating a backyard oasis has benefits that can last throughout the year, as you sit by a firepit in cooler months, or host drinks at twilights in the warmer months.

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