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COVID-19 Changed What Home Buyers Are Looking For. Here's What We Know.

COVID-19 Changed What Home Buyers Are Looking For. Here's What We Know.

Many ordinary tasks changed completely during the COVID-19 pandemic, from grocery shopping and eating out, to going in to the office or school. Most Americans still haven't returned to a completely normal routine, and these changes in daily activities have also altered what home buyers are looking for in a new home in 2021. Even when the virus impacts our lives less than it does now, the homes we choose to live in reflect the ultimate shelter.

If you are considering selling your home, here's what we know about what home buyers may be looking for, particularly in the metro Atlanta area, and how you can incorporate these thees in your space without a total renovation.

Outdoor Flex Spaces

Even in cooler months, people are spending more time outside for home improvement activities, a stretch of legs, and even dining and outdoor gatherings. This means that many buyers on the market are looking for larger backyards and multi-faceted outdoor spaces. Even if your home is not built on considerable acreage, you can still play up outdoor features like patios, balconies or front porches, by positioning furniture so that it creates a space for conversation, raking up dead leaves, and even installing a quick DIY firepit.

Cook-Approved Kitchens

You may have witnessed a massive influx in recipes posted to social media throughout COVID-19 lockdowns from your friends and families. When restaurant openings became more limited, people started trying new things in the kitchen and this habit seems to be sticking around into the new year. Ideally, home buyers are looking for larger kitchens to explore new options and store new cooking gadgets.

If your home does not have the largest kitchen, you can still update your cabinets and fixtures to make the space more welcoming. (Kitchen updates yield an incredible 76.3% return on investment!)

Home Workspaces


Home workspaces are more important now than ever as many people are still working from home, and schools are offering and implementing virtual learning options. In a quick fix, kitchen tables became desks and backyards were transformed into a backdrop for ZOOM calls but now, many home buyers are looking for private rooms away from main living areas to make into a home office. If this isn't a possibility with the space available in your home, you can still highlight alcoves or corners that could be used as a dedicated workspace. In fact, many parents have shown interest in creating a studying space in a kitchen corner for their children to work on virtual school assignments while they start dinner, creating interesting options for staging your home.

Private Floor Plans


Open floor plans were still a massively popular trend heading into 2020, but being forced to spend constant time inside with loved ones expanded a new desire for privacy. Many home buyers are looking for more closed floor plans to allow family members to spread out.

If your home does not have this capability, you can still stage private spaces, like reading nooks in a spare bedroom or outside, to show ways that buyers may break away from main living areas to spend time alone or jump on a video call.

Calm Colors

Top paint companies like Sherwin William and Behr released their colors of the year earlier in November and December, and the results were a move towards calm and neutral colors like warm browns, natural greens and deep navy blue-emphasizing the need to reduce stress and foster a relaxing environment. Consider painting over bold accent walls in your home and opt for natural tones, while incorporating fun pops of color with decor pieces.

As people adjust to spending more time at home. It is important to create calm, private and functional spaces within the home you are looking to sell to accommodate these changes and sell quickly. If you are ready to get started listing your house on the market and want to work with one of our best-in-class real estate specialists, check out our home selling guide to set up a first consultation.

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