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Real Estate FAQ: Should I Sell a Home Around the Holidays?

Real Estate FAQ: Should I Sell a Home Around the Holidays?

If you are looking to sell your home in a hurry and worried about having to wait until warmer months, you may be surprised to know that listing your home around the holidays actually has multiple benefits. While summer months are historically known for a surge in home sales, putting your home up on the market during the real estate-off season presents you with a unique opportunity to get a high return while many other sellers are in hibernation.

Here are a few reasons why the Holidays could actually be the ideal time to sell, and how you can help speed up the process.

Why Holiday Home Sales are a Great Idea

There's Less Competition in the Market

Fewer homes are listed in the winter months, as many sellers plan to spend their Holiday season in their house getting ready to move. By putting your home up on the market when the frost sets in, you'll have more eyes on your property. Low inventory also means that your house may get a higher return from buyers with fewer options.

Holiday House Shopping is Still Happening

The Holiday season is similar to summer months, as people have more time off work to browse through homes on the internet or attend open houses. While this means that you may have to leave the premises more frequently for showings, there are still more flexible schedule options for agents to show off your home.

Buyers Mean Business

Home buyers shopping in the winter months are generally more serious about getting in a home quickly, as this is a common time for job relocations. Also, the weeks surrounding major holidays are the ideal season for buyers to make the transition to another school district while their children are on break from classes.

Selling Your Home Quickly Over the Holidays

Minimize Your Decorations

Showing off a space that feels warm and cozy for visitors is a major pro when selling during the winter months, but it's important not to overdo it. Even if you pull out three Christmas trees every year and wrap garlands up and down every staircase bannister, you should be mindful that potential buyers may not like a lot of decorations or might not even celebrate during the holidays. Keep your decorations as minimal as possible and instead focus on small seasonal touches, such as a tasteful front door wreath and cozy throw blankets.

Winterize Your Space Beforehand

You can show that your house is well-maintained by winterizing it before potential home buyers arrive. Make sure the fireplace is functioning, the furnace has been checked, the gutters are free from debris, and exposed pipes are insulated. Also, ensure the heat is turned on well before an open house.

Keep Open House Visitors Safe

While winters in metro Atlanta and north Georgia can be mild compared to other states, there is still the possibility of snow and ice. Make sure that your guests are safe when they come to your home by shoveling any snow, and keeping porch lights on to illuminate any slippery spots as the days grow shorter.

If you are ready to sell your home this winter, we have the resources and the team you need to get the job done quickly at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers. Check out our Seller's Guide to learn the steps you will need to take first to prepare your home for sale.

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