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Should I Fix or Sell? 7 Benefits of Selling a House As-Is

Should I Fix or Sell? 7 Benefits of Selling a House As-Is

When you've decided to move on, think long and hard about what you really need to do to get your house market-ready. You may be tempted to go into renovation mode, but you might be better off selling your house as-is.

Here are some things to consider when selling your house.

1. Renovation ROI may not be there

Most home renovations don't pay off instantly. Complete bathroom and kitchen renovations add the most value but also cause the most disruption and can be very expensive. If these rooms haven't already been renovated, don't start now.

2. Living in a renovation zone is stressful

You have to live there while renovating even though you're not going to be the one to benefit. Before you sink $20,000 into a last-minute kitchen transformation, consider just painting or replacing cupboard door fronts and adding new hardware.

3. There's no arguing with taste

One can't anticipate how someone else will want to use the space. Concentrate on creating a space that suggests multiple possibilities rather than trying to anticipate the needs of someone else.

4. You've already made your decision

Don't let nostalgia influence your renovation decisions when you've decided to move on. It is no problem that you never got around to installing that skylight in the kitchen.

5. Curb appeal starts on the outside, not the inside

All the energy you spend on interior renovations will be pointless if you neglect your home's exterior. Now is the time to create an approach to your home that's welcoming.

6. Clean is more important than new

Grubby walls, scratched floors, and torn carpet are small things that unpleasantly remind prospective buyers that other people are using a home. You want them to see themselves in the space.

7. Keep up with the Joneses, but don't be the Joneses

While it may be your dream to own a home with a hot tub, game room or built-in bar, it's not necessarily someone else's. Don't be the house that's too much for the neighborhood, or you'll end up being the house that's priced way too high. You could end up taking a huge loss as a result.

When you're ready to sell, contact Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers to get your home sold for top dollar.

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