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4 Farming Tips for a Modern Audience

4 Farming Tips for a Modern Audience

Farming a neighborhood isn’t just about knocking on doors. There is a lot more that goes into getting your name out as an industry expert in 2018 than leaving your business card on doors. Here are some steps for farming neighborhoods for modern consumers:


#1 – Direct Mail Postcards

This is an established form of farming that has been around for decades and is still incredibly effective in many areas. What’s important to establish when doing direct mail campaigns, is what kind of information is going to give you the best return on your efforts. Many consumers have transitioned to online billing and digital forms of communication so direct mail is less about forms of important communication and often more about junk. In order to stand out from the junk, you need to offer something of value to the receiver.

What seems to have the best response from recipients is postcards with up-to-date community information. Campaigns that are the most successful are the ones that keep in regular contact with their recipients. So when putting together a postcard mailing, consider the neighborhood and keep the residents apprised of things like market values, recently sold properties, upcoming listings, new construction, and any business openings or closures, sent on a monthly basis. Your post cards should always include your photograph, contact information, reasons why a potential client should work with you, and mentions of recent sales or testimonial from recent client.


#2 – Direct Your Audience to Your Web Presence

Once you have created fantastic neighborhood specific content for your direct mail campaigns, it is important to capture that potential client by sending them to your website. Over 90% of people looking for real estate services start their search online. Whether they are looking to sell and ask their social media network for an agent recommendation or they are looking to buy and search “home for sale” in their area, you cannot deny the power of an agent’s online reputation.

To capitalize, your print marketing should direct your recipient to a robust website, social media account, or blog. From here, you can build out more about yourself and your business. Take this opportunity to share more about your specialties, reviews and testimonials, helpful tips for home buyers and sellers, properties that have just hit the market – your web presence should be the main course while the postcard is just the appetizer. Your site should encourage people to spend more time learning about you and your properties so when they are ready to take the next step, they naturally think of you as the neighborhood expert they can rely on.


#3 – Lead Cultivation Tools

So far, we are assuming that your traffic will find you through the more traditional method of receiving a direct mail postcard and then finding your website. But there are many people that will not be on your mailing list or will toss out your postcards. With these prospects, a different tactic will need to be implemented. A large majority of people prefer email communication so it is important to have an email newsletter campaign ready to reach these people.

Another way to reach your primarily digital audience is to offer an industry blog. This can focus on similar topics and market information as your print campaigns with the additional benefit of being able to go more in depth. By updating frequently, the residents in your targeting neighborhoods can utilize your posts as a way to stay involved and apprised of any new developments.


#4 – Build a Name for Yourself

You can do all of the above steps but if your potential clients are more familiar with another agent’s name in relation to the neighborhood you have chosen to farm, they will likely choose the competition. Brand and name recognition count for a lot in real estate. Having your presence known is a large part of the battle. If you have focused on an area, you need to just as heavily focus on establishing yourself as the go-to real estate professional for the community. Think of yourself as a politician campaigning for office – you need to be visible and out in the community every day to make sure people know your name and face.

You can try taking part in local events, participating the local Facebook groups, send out updates for the neighborhood homeowners association – anything that will make your name synonymous with your chosen neighborhood is a good investment of your time. And don’t forget one of your best forms of advertising – signs. The more signs you can put out with your name in yards, the more likely a neighbor will be to call you when they need help buying or selling.


Modern consumers want to feel they can trust who they use for their real estate needs and that they are getting the best deal possible. By widening your presence to print marketing, signage, online, and in person, the better chance you have of making your impressions stick.

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