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Writing Real Estate Content Your Audience Will Want to Read

Writing Real Estate Content Your Audience Will Want to Read

Real estate blogs are a dime a dozen and most are just copy and pasted content from a few industry professionals. To make yourself stand out from the crowd, it’s important to infuse your personality and expertise into your content. Real estate customers today are looking for agents with a robust online presence; this means blogging, posting to social media, and having a great agent website. Without those elements, your business could flounder.

In order to keep your content interesting and relevant to a wide audience, follow these guidelines to get started:


Write for the web

Blogging is different than writing a letter or newspaper article. Long blocks of unbroken paragraphs are hard to read on a computer or mobile device. Take into account this is how most of your audience will be consuming your content. Most blog pieces are split into smaller chunks for easier consumption. By using headlines with concise paragraphs pertaining to the aforementioned topic, you can keep your audiences’ attention and maintain a pleasing layout.


Offer real-world solutions

Most readers of real estate content are there looking for an answer to a specific question. By offering a solution to a common real estate problem, like how to buy in a sellers’ market or what should I know before selling my home, you can be the guide that people look to for online real estate questions. Showing that you are a subject matter expert will make your audience trust you when they are ready to buy or sell.


Focus your topics

Writing about the state of the national real estate market is only going to help if your goal is to branch out as a real estate author. Your goal should be to localize and focus on capturing customers in your area. If you have lived and worked in Roswell, GA for the last 25 years, your readers will appreciate your local take on the market, specific neighbors, and upcoming developments. If you are an expert in condo sales, don’t waste your time writing about sprawling estates in the suburbs. Clients looking for condominiums in the metro area will seek you out if you show your valuable knowledge in that field.


Use images

Gorgeous graphics are one of the quickest ways to grab views with your real estate blog. The most frequently shared links on social media will have a high resolution image to capture people’s attention and lead them on to a well-written piece. Try your hand at taking some photos yourself so your audience is seeing what you want them to see. If you don’t have the eye for photography, check out some of the many free stock photo sites where you can share amazing images to your hearts content.


Write evergreen content

Evergreen is a term that essentially means “timeless.” While the state of the real estate market can shift greatly from region to region and year to year, the idea is to keep your content relevant for anyone at any time. This can seem tough when you are first getting started, but try focusing on the questions that you get most often from your clients. Some topics never change no matter the situation. Think back on your last five clients and consider the similarities of those transactions – those situations would be good topics to start with. It’s ok to get topical when the market calls for it but don’t let your content get too inundated with specifics that won’t be relevant next year.


Engage in conversations

Whether it is on your blog, Facebook, or your professional website, audience engagement needs to be a regular focus. Creating meaningful relationships with your readers means they will see you as real person and not as some other anonymous agent. People enjoy leaving comments, taking part in online polls, and giving feedback when you respond back.


By taking these steps to create meaningful content for your audience, you will see a difference with the type of engagement and conversion you get in return. You will need to make an initial investment of time and energy in order to make the most of your real estate content. By building out a strong base of blogs, social media posts, and links on your website, it will ensure that your audience will have something to read and share when they visit your page. Don’t make the mistake of sharing one great, well-crafted piece and then go dark for several months. Consistency is key.

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