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Skills You Need to Turn Leads into Clients

Skills You Need to Turn Leads into Clients

It can be incredibly frustrating when you have spent time, effort, and often money to gather a large number of promising leads and you aren’t able to pass over the next hurdle – Conversion. If you can’t turn those leads into clients, then it is easy to feel defeated. There isn’t a magic recipe that will work on everyone. But there are skills that agents should master in order to make sure that when they work with leads, they are capitalizing on each and every one. If you are able to do these three things and do them well, you will start to see an immediate change in your lead conversion.


Build a rapport

The quicker you can engage with a person and build a good rapport, the easier it will be to move forward with every future interaction. Naturally charismatic agents take to this easily while others find themselves struggling. The quickest way to learn is to read your client. By matching their tone of voice, mirroring their pacing and body language, can make them feel more at ease with you. The next step, is to engage by finding common ground. People enjoy talking about shared experiences so find a neutral topic that will allow for your client to respond in the affirmative and expound with more details with your prompting. Building a rapport starts with people leaving an encounter having enjoyed spending time with you. Think about sales people that you enjoyed encounters with and start to replicate that behavior.

Qualify your leads

Once you are in front of your lead, take this time to qualify them and find out more about their motivation for action. In order to best help them with their real estate goals, you need to know what they are. Too many agents think of pre-listing appointments as a job interview where they are trying to sell themselves. You should be finding out as much as you can about the needs of your potential client and how you can help them. Ask things like:

  • Where are you looking?
  • Why are you selling?
  • What’s your timing?
  • What’s your Plan B in case it doesn’t happen in that time frame?
  • Have you met with a lender?
  • What price range would you like?
  • What’s important to you in the agent you choose to represent you?


If you can’t get in front of your leads, you will never close. You can use a variety of different types of closing statements to help get your foot in the door:

Presumptive Close

  • “Let’s go ahead and schedule an appointment for this week. Are mornings or afternoons better for you?”

Direct Close

  • “You told me you needed to sell by the end of next month to make your deadline to let’s meet tomorrow so we can make that happen.”

Once you are in front of your leads, you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not ask if they want to do business with you. The final step to converting a lead is closing the pre-listing appointment. By walking away without asking for their business, you are wasting both their time and your time. If you feel uncomfortable asking someone directly for their business, then how can that potential client trust you to negotiate the largest sale or purchase they will ever make in their life.


It can be a hard pill to swallow, but being successful in converting leads ultimately comes down to you – Can you get face to face time with your leads? Are you good at building a rapport with people? Can you converse with a broad scope of people and be engaging? Can you ask the right questions of yourleads? Do you ask for their business?

Being good at conversion will take many agents out of their comfort zone but the better you get as these three skills, the more your business will grow.

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