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Tidy Habits for Untidy Homeowners

Tidy Habits for Untidy Homeowners

Some people enjoy cleaning while others can’t think of anything worse. For those like things neat, keeping a tidy home comes naturally. For those of us that do not enjoy cleaning, keeping your home looking neat and tidy can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start when you look around at disorder every day. But there is hope –

Here are some steps that you can implement in your home to help get your disorder under control.


Tidying shouldn’t just happen one day of the week.

People with clean and neat homes know it’s a big job to take on the task of cleaning their entire home all at once. A smarter strategy is to be in a constant state of low-level tidying. They never leave things out of their proper place or walk away from the kitchen if there are dishes still in the sink. Small tasks that don’t take very long can be knocked out daily rather than piling up to become overwhelming.


Tidy people don’t run out of cleaning supplies.

When you walk into a clean home, you will find a great selection of multi-surface cleaners under most sinks. Making sure that products are readily available and within reach is half the battle. If you have to search the house to find your toilet cleaner, it makes cleaning a chore. If you have toilet cleaner in each bathroom or all your cleaners neatly organized and labeled in a central location, you don’t have an excuse to walk past a dirty spot ever again.


Don’t go to bed before cleaning up.

Whether that means putting the dishes away from dinner or folding the laundry from the dryer, it is important to complete the tasks you start. If you get caught up with other distractions, it’s easy to push things off until tomorrow. But the laundry and dishes will still be there tomorrow. Tidy people will not settle in to watch TV for the night until those dishes from dinner are put away and so should you.


Tidy people keep things off the floor.

One of the quickest ways to make a house look cluttered is to fill up the floor space with stuff. Even if it is organized, it distracts the eye makes the space look messy. Tidy homeowners have a place for everything – whether it’s umbrellas, magazines, decorative throws, or pet toys. Make a dedicated space for all of your items in baskets, closets, shelves, or add hooks to get loose items off the floor and leave the space clear.


Learn when to stop decorating.

Tidy homes look the way they do because they have many clear surfaces. That doesn’t mean there is no style there, it just means you have to learn to edit your use of accessories. A blank surface is often times more desirable than one decorated with many small vases or frames. Limiting your number of accessories per room can help you get a clean look in your home.



You don’t have to be a naturally tidy person in order to maintain a tidy home. By paying closer attention to the people around you that are, you can replicate their habits. Owning a home is a big job but keeping it neat doesn’t have to be. By picking up these easy habits, you can make staying tidy part of your daily rhythm.

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