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7 Things You Should Not Pack When Moving

7 Things You Should Not Pack When Moving

Moving is no one’s favorite activity. When you overhear a friend say they are moving into a new place soon, you instantly dread the day when they will ask if you are free this weekend to help move some boxes into their new place. The professional movers aren’t lining up to move your stuff because they enjoy it – they do it because they are getting paid. And chances are, you are only moving your things out of necessity. It’s a chore that everyone dreads but must be done once in a while.

To help your moving day go smoothly, it is important to have a plan and pack early. But keep in mind that not all things need or should be packed for your move. If you are planning appropriately, you can ensure that you will have your necessities at hand when needed and not packed away at a vital moment. Here are some items that you can skip when starting to pack for the big move:


  1. Jewelry and Valuables

It is small so it can easily fit in your vehicle on the day of your move. Due to its value, it’s something you would likely want to keep nearby rather than packed away on a moving truck that could be misplaced or stolen. Items like cash, important documents, and ID should be kept with you alongside jewelry so that you limit the chance of it going missing.


  1. Toiletries

Toilet paper, a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, and all medications should not be packed away in boxes before your move. Rather, make sure to put these items in an overnight bag along with a few changes of clothes so when you arrive to your new location, you can shower and change clothes without having to dig through boxes.


  1. Disposal Tableware

Chances are, the kitchen will not be the first room to be unpacked. But you will need to eat food during the unpacking process. By having disposable plates, cups, and cutlery on hand, you can grab take out and easily eat without having to scramble for something to cook or eat on/with.


  1. Tool Box

It’s remarkable how many items will need to be disassembled and reassembled during the moving process. Make sure to have your tool box handy so that you can make minor repairs if necessary and use your utility knife to expedite opening boxes when it is time to unpack at the new place.


  1. Cleaning Supplies

Not all of your cleaning supplies need to be at the ready, but a select few will be incredibly handy to have on hand. Even if your new home was impeccably clean when you arrived, the act of half a dozen people trekking in the front door with dirty shoes and hands to moving boxes and furniture can take its toll. You will accumulate a lot of garage from all the unpacking as well, so make sure to have a roll of garbage bags, mop and vacuum, multi-surface cleaner, and lots of paper towels nearby.


  1. Pet Essentials

Pets will need their beds, food dishes, crates, and medications handy during the move. Even though moving from one place to another is stressful to us, it is chaotic for your animals. Ensure that everything they need is readily available so there are limited disruptions to their daily schedules to limit their stress.


  1. Bedding

Once you arrive to your new place, the last thing you will want to do is search for the pillows and sheets for your bed through dozens of boxes when it is time to go to sleep. Keep one fresh set of bedding in a bag along with some pillows and make your bed the second it is set up. Your future exhausted self will thank you for the forethought.

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