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Create Your Own HGTV-Worthy Modern Farmhouse

Create Your Own HGTV-Worthy Modern Farmhouse

One of the biggest trends in décor is the modern farmhouse look. Chip and Joanna Gaines have become household names with the popularity of their HGTV program, Fixer Upper. In the southeast United States, the word “farmhouse” is the most searched design term on Google. Whether you are preparing your home for potential buyers or designing your new home for yourself, it is no secret that the modern farmhouse trend is booming.

For those that are looking to replicate the Fixer Upper aesthetic in their homes, there are some basic elements that anyone can attempt without too much fuss.


Open Spaces

The goal with a modern farmhouse is to make the space feel as open as possible. If you are not at liberty to remove walls, start by removing and rearranging your furniture. Making your rooms feel large and spacious is a great place to start.


Light Wall, Wood Floors

Shiplap is not required to give you the HGTV-worthy look that you are going for. Start by keeping your wall colors light with creamy whites or light grays to keep things bright. If you have the time and the funds, wood floors will round out the farmhouse look. Stay away from any flooring finishes that look to polished or pristine. The farmhouse floor look should be a bit more rustic.


Reclaimed Wood

If you don’t have the budget for wood flooring, you can incorporate wood in other ways. Reclaimed wood in furniture pieces, shelving units, or even decorative wall art can be a great way to put a farmhouse touch on your home.


Open Shelving

While you are scavenging for reclaimed wood for your new floating booking shelves, starting thinking about how to open up your kitchen shelving as well. An essential marker of a modern farmhouse is open shelving. Whether you decide to take the doors off your existing cabinets in the kitchen or get creative with building some shelving above the sink or fridge, it is a look that you can’t skip in order to complete the farmhouse vision.


Large Pendants

Oversized pendant lighting is a striking look, especially when you are creating a rather mono-chromatic color scheme. By adding large iron lanterns over a kitchen island or hanging glass bottles repurposed as entry lights, you are adding an extra rustic dimension to an otherwise modern design.


Vintage-Inspired Accessories

Whether it’s a quilt from a thrift store or one passed down from your great grandmother, vintage pieces will start to tie the entire look together. Items like old silver, mason jars, enamelware, garden stools, ornate candle pillars, or an old birdhouse – these pieces will start to reflect your personality and will make the spirit of the farmhouse truly come to life.


Painted Furniture

If you already have some pieces of furniture that you were considering throwing out, try giving them new life with a coat of paint and some light distressing. Nothing says farmhouse more than some dinged up mint-colored chairs around large wood table. Stay light with the colors you choose and steer clear from adding too many color choices to one room.


Natural Textiles

Fabrics like linen, cotton, and burlap look right at home in a farmhouse design. You can add these fabrics everywhere from your throw pillows to your windows treatments to create a cohesive look. They also compliment your vintage quilts perfectly.



To get a cohesive modern farmhouse look you need to blend rustic with contemporary. Anytime you look into a room, there should be an even amount of modern and old pieces that catch your eye. Too many elements in either direction and you will start to lose the vision. What makes farmhouse designs so popular is they can truly reflect each individual. No two modern farmhouses will ever look the same, even if you are shopping for your items in the same town. Your antique buffet can mix seamlessly with a modern dining table and your painted garage sale dining chairs. Have fun making it your own!


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