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Maximizing Your Small Spaces

Maximizing Your Small Spaces

Purchasing a new home is incredibly exciting. But there are always compromises that have to be made when trying to balance getting exactly what you want for the price you can afford. Sometimes that means giving up a little bit of space to be in an awesome neighborhood. But don’t panic – with a few creative design ideas, you can take any small room and make it feel like just like home.

Let’s get started!


Keep the Colors Light

Nothing too dark and oppressive should be on the walls in a small space. We all know that light colors give the illusion of space while dark colors shrink things down. Be sure to keep a similar color scheme with the accessories throughout the room. To keep things from looking too stark and boring, play with variations in texture and pattern to add interest. A chrome bedside lamp in a monochromatic bedroom will add a pop of style.

Push Bed into the Corner

While it might feel strange to be near a wall but it will greatly open up the limited floor space. And you can add a corner headboard to the bed to give it a designer look and make the most of the corner position. It will not only add more space to the room but make the room look visually larger.

Skip Bulky Bed Furniture

Inches make all the difference in a tight space. Rather than a bulky bedroom set, go for a slim headboard design without a footboard. You could also opt for a platform style bedframe with no headboard, install floating shelving beside the bed, and decorate above the bed itself.

Minimalist Styling

Accessories should be kept to a minimum. The bed should be the focus of a small bedroom. Keep future sleek with clean and simple lines. Any additional storage options on furniture is an added bonus. Surfaces should be free from clutter to keep the room from feeling too cramped.

Light and Mirrors

We aren’t talking about the kind that are stuck to the back of the closet doors in cheap hotels. But a large, free standing mirror can add the illusion of space and brightness to a room. Keep your window treatments light and gauzy so light can come in freely and the mirror will bouncy the light around the small space.

Under Bed Storage

If your bed has the space for it, consider getting drawers or storage bins that fit underneath. Woven baskets and milk crates are also great options for open and easily accessible storage that you can access without much floor space.

Live Vertically

If floor space is limited and the ceilings are high, consider a platform bed and build an office nook with storage underneath. While this might not be an option for everyone, storage is always an option once you look up. Racks, shelves, and bins can all be installed on the walls to create more floor space while simultaneously creating space for things.

Floating Shelves

We mentioned this briefly before, but floating shelves can take the place of furniture in a small space. Rather than a night stand, bookcase, laptop desk, or entry table, you can use floating shelves. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be a fun way to add space while also adding a funky design element.


Don’t feel like a small space is wasted. There are so many opportunities to make the most of a cozy room without relegating it to become the miscellaneous storage closet of your home. With a can of paint and an eye for space, you will be on your way to creating your new favorite space in no time.




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