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Quick Tips for Staging a Home

Quick Tips for Staging a Home

Buyers have a picture in their head of what their dream home will look like. As a smart seller, it’s your job to help them make that dream come true. One of the easiest ways to do that is to neutralize the interior of your home. By neutralize, we means to remove your “personal stamp” and make it easy for the buyer to put their stamp in its place.

First, start by removing any dated or aging wallpaper. Next, you will want to repaint any bright or intensely colored rooms in the home. The goal is the neutralize the walls so that nothing distracts a potential buyer from seeing themselves living in your home. Old wallpaper and colors that don’t suit their style only make to add to the imaginary “to-do” list they have in their heads and then your home becomes a burden before they have even made an offer.

Remember, the way you live in your house and the way you sell your house are two different things. Think of your home like a car you are about to sell. When you want to sell a car, you get it detailed. With your house, it is the same story. You use things with more care if it is for sale.

Next, you should clean your home until it sparkles. Remove drapery and let in all the light that you can. Potential buyer want to see a lot of light in a home. You want to make sure that when someone walks in, the rooms are bright, airy, and entirely clean.

An important thing to remember is to remove all the clutter. Your home should look like there is no one living there. If you can move out during the process of selling, even better. The less you have in the home and the less you use it, the better it looks to buyers.

And finally, the purpose of each room should be immediately apparent when a buyer walks into it. If you have work out equipment in your spare bedroom, it confuses people and they wonder where the extra bedroom is. Simplify and have a single use for every room.

It doesn’t always require a professional stager to sell a home quickly. If you follow these tips you should have your home in show ready condition in no time.


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