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Buying a Sofa That Lasts

Buying a Sofa That Lasts

The purchase of a sofa can at times be a costly investment so here are few things to consider to ensure that your sofa will transition through your life and your home changes:



First, measure your doorways, hallways, and even your elevator if you live in a condo. You want to make sure that you can actually get your sofa into your home!


When you are shopping for a sofa, look for a something that is very versatile. Get a medium-sized length, between 80 and 90 inches. This size will ensure that you can fit it from room to room and home to home. Look for a transitional shape and style. Steer clear from anything too fussy or formal. Simple arm details will work best and stand the test of time.


Go with neutral colors and a sturdy fabric. Beige, ivory, charcoal, and brown are all safe bets because you can match them to most interior colors and they can transition with your style as it will inevitably change over the years.


How do I refresh my old sofa?

You can start with a good steam cleaning to give it a fresh look. Next, you can fluff and reposition the cushions or even re-stuff the cushions if they are severely misshapen or worn.

To get a new look with little effort, you can get new accent pillows and accent throws. A good rule of thumb when changing your accent colors on the sofa is to ribbon that color around the room at least three times in other places with other accessories. That will give the room an entirely new look.


Following these few simply tips and ensuring that you buy a quality sofa can ensure that your sofa will last a lifetime.

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