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4 Ways to Weatherproof Your Home for Summer

4 Ways to Weatherproof Your Home for Summer

With the heat and humidity of the summer months upon us, there are a few simple steps that you can take around your home to keep the electric bills down and the temperatures indoors cool.


Replace Filters and Clean Vents

Ensure that your HVAC system is working at top performance by replacing the air filter once a month. Make sure that any vents and return vents t in your home are not blocked by furniture or other items and take this time to clean the exterior from any dust or debris. Blockages in front of return vents can cause a loss of power to your air conditioning so it is important to keep at least three feet of clear space around the return for efficient cooling.

Insulate Attic Entrance

Warm air rises so if you make a summertime visit to the attic, you will find it remarkably warm. To keep the warm air from seeping into your home, you can glue some insulated batting to the attic side of the door to make the insulation more substantial. For doors that have a ladder attached, you might consider investing in an insulated attic door cover to help block the passage of warm air into your living space.

Fill Gaps

Walk the entire perimeter of your home and look for gaps. Any space where air can get inside should be filled with caulk. Look closely around the foundation and around the window frames. For larger holes, you can use expanding foam to fill the empty space.

Replace Weather Stripping

Check the seals around all exterior doors and windows. If you are able to see light coming through, then the seal should be replaced. Ensure that the old weather stripping is scraped off with a putty knife before securing the new stripping to make for a strong adhesion. Weather stripping should be flush with the door or window frame but not prevent it from opening or closing.

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