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What Home Buyers Want

What Home Buyers Want

Looking to sell? Want to do it quickly and at top dollar? Well you are in luck!

The real estate market is definitely favoring sellers at the moment but even though inventory is low, there are certain things that potential buyers seem to be in agreement on when it comes to purchasing a new home. According to a report that came out this year from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), there are eight features that buyer have been clamoring their agents for in their new homes.

If you are in the market to list your home in the near future, you can enhance your chances of getting a quick offer at the price you want my ensuring your home has the following items:


  1. Laundry Rooms

According to the NAHB, a separate laundry room is the number one request of potential home buyers. From their report, it shows that 92% of those on the list made the distinction that an area for laundry apart from the rest of the living and bedroom spaces was an important factor when purchasing.

  1. Exterior Lighting

This is the most popular outdoor feature because it doubles as an attention grabbing focal point for your home and is also an added safety feature. Exterior lighting is a low cost addition for home owners to add and can be done without the need of a professional installation.

  1. Energy Efficient Windows and Appliances

While the cost for high efficiency appliances and energy efficient windows can fluctuate greatly depending on brand and size you choose, these finishes are requested by 90% of buyers on the NAHB’s report. The goal for home owners is to limit their energy usage without limiting their comfort.

  1. Ceiling Fan

Another staple of the energy efficient home, ceiling fans are a must have for most home buyers. These are readily available for home owners to purchase at their local hardware store and install with basic electrical skills. The typical buyer will notice missing ceiling fans and note the added labor and expense in houses without, despite their low cost.

  1. Patio

When the yard is nice and the weather is temperate, the patio is a high priority. The outdoors is an extension of the interior living spaces in some regions. Here in the south, a patio is a must have and according to the NAHB, 87% of home buyers think so, too.

  1. Hardwood Floors

If you believe home shopping shows, this and granite countertops would be tied for first place as the most important features in a new house. But surprisingly, wood floors are much lower down on the list. They are still incredibly popular but not a deal breaker for as many home buyers as one would think. Real hardwoods, engineered wood floors, laminate, and now luxury vinyl tile (LVT) are all equally popular with buyers. The goal is to get a sleek, clean, and neutral look in the space.

  1. Garage Storage Space

Families that are buying homes they intend to “grow into” will often find themselves using their garage as easy storage for anything that needs to be readily on hand. Attics and basements might work for items that you only need access to annually but garage storage should be designed with ease of accessibility and readily visible.

  1. Eat-In Kitchen

Formal dining rooms are becoming relics of a time gone by. Buyers want a more open floor plan so they can mingle in the same space. For home owners, the removal of a non-loadbearing wall can be a quick and inexpensive renovation that will lead to a big return when you are ready to sell.


Home owners are often reluctant to make big financial investments and renovations to a home they are planning to sell in a short time. But if you were on the fence about making some changes to your home and you have no plans to sell, just consider your future buyers. They might really appreciate your new windows and hard wood floors over the house next door that has original windows and carpet. You might already have a leg up on the competition before you even start the race.


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