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Home Owner's Essential Tool Kit

Home Owner's Essential Tool Kit

For those new to home ownership, it is easy to get overwhelmed when you start thinking about all the tools you might need for home improvement projects that could pop up. As you walk through the aisle at your local hardware store, the options are endless. But never fear – with a few basic items, you can build a weekend warrior tool kit that will keep you prepared for almost anything that being a home owner throws your way!


  • Tool Belt – Before you start a home project, make sure you have a sturdy belt so you can save time by having everything you need right at your side instead on constantly bending over and hunting for lost screws or a misplaced hammer.

          Starts around $35

  • Basic Cordless Drill – This will be an incredibly versatile and frequently used tool. Make sure to get one with a quality rechargeable battery but don’t worry about spending top dollar on a pro-quality drill. Most low cost brands you can find at your local hardware store will be just fine.

          Starts around $49

  • Cordless Circular Saw – You might be able to find this in a kit together with your drill. Remember, the battery on these items is important so go for lithium ion. For small carpentry repairs, this will be invaluable.

          Starts around $45

  • Speed Square – A handy measuring tool and straight edge, a sturdy speed square will make for quick work and straight cuts every time.

          Starts around $9

  • 24” Level – Two feet is the perfect size for most jobs and will be a life saver when you realize you’re not seeing things, it’s the walls in your home that aren’t straight!

          Starts around $12

  • Basic Socket Set – Sockets will be used to tighten or loosen countless fasteners on appliances, furniture, and even your vehicle. Having a good variety of sizes will save you a lot of time and heartache.

          Starts around $34

  • Adjustable Wrench – When you need one of these, nothing else will do. Best to get one that can work for multiple sizes.

          Starts around $10

  • 25’ Measuring Tape – The length will work for most large jobs and the fraction marks on the tape will make for precise measurements when the closest inch just won’t do.

          Starts around $11

  • Adjustable Locking Pliers – When you need a second set of hands to hold the tension, these pliers will do the trick. You can lock them down and keep things in place while you finish the job.

          Start around $7

  • 4 in 1 Screwdriver – Rather than buying a set of different sized screwdrivers with different heads, you can can get 1 ratcheting screwdriver with Phillips and flat heads in large and small sizes to save you space and money.

          Starts around $15

  • 20 oz. Smooth Face Hammer – With enough weight to do heavy jobs and light enough to avoid damage to softer surfaces, this hammer is just about perfect.

         Starts around $25


If you are starting from scratch, you can purchase all the items on this list for less than $300 and you will come away will a fully equipped weekend warrior tool kit of which to be proud. With the items above, you will be ready to take on home projects for years to come.

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