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Summer Home Care To-Do List

Summer Home Care To-Do List

The days are getting longer and it is officially summertime. Now that the warm weather is upon us, there are some basic maintenance items that you can do inside and outside your home to keep it looking great and performing as it should. So let’s get started!


Exterior Checklist

  • Pressure Washing – With the heat and humidity rising, you might find more mildew growing on your fence, sidewalks, or house exterior. Get out the pressure washer and clean away all that dingy mess to keep your house and surrounding areas looking great. You can even add vinegar or diluted bleach to the water to keep the mildew from coming back.


  • Air Conditioner – To keep your AC running at peak performance, you should be changing your filter every one to three months. If you notice that your AC is not cooling that way it should be, it might be time to call out a professional to take a look. With as work much as our ACs have to do in the south, it is good practice to have an annual checkup by a professional to ensure there are no costly issues before they arise.


  • Sparkle Your Grill – BBQ season is coming so scrub the grill now before your first cook out of the year. Use a wire brush, grill cleaner, and a little elbow grease to get the job done.



Interior Checklist

  • Refrigerator Maintenance – Clean the coils on your fridge and remove all the built up dust. Dump out any old ice in your ice maker to prevent your dispenser from getting backed up with a frozen ice block from months ago. And now is the time to replace the filter for your water dispenser on the door. While you are at it, check the rubber gasket around the door to ensure a good seal.


  • Clean Your Range Hood Filter – Grease can build up on the filter so take it off and let it soak in soapy water to get it nice and clean. If you have a sturdy filter, you can even try throwing it in the dishwasher for a cycle. You’ll be amazed how clean it looks once it comes out.


  • Bathroom Vent Fans – To keep your exhaust vents performing well, pull off the vent cover, vacuum any dust away, and spray the moving parts on the inside of the fan with some silicone lubricant. This will keep it running smoothly and quietly for years to come.


There are lots are little additional maintenance you can do around your home in the summer months to ensure that it not only looks good but is not wasting energy. The goal is to avoid feeling overwhelmed so make small lists for each season. This way, items don’t all pile up at one time. Most people already have a spring cleaning checklist so continue that habit by making a list for each season.

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