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Making Your Online Interactions Stick

Making Your Online Interactions Stick

Your online presence is incredibly important to creating your real estate business. From your personal website to your Facebook page, your brand is being represented to potential clients even when you haven’t yet met. It’s important to make not only a good impression, but a lasting one.

The “stickiness” of your content refers to how long a visitor spends looking at your site and if they interact with your site further by contacting you. The goal is to make all of your sites - YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and your professional website - as sticky as possible. If not, visitors will simply land on your pages and continue on to the next without seeing what great services you have to offer.

Here are some tips to engaging your clients to “stick” with you:


Keep it interactive – Your site should be engaging, not your resume in real estate. Rather than all of your content being listed on the page, you should build it out into categories. There should be interactive portals like rent versus buy calculators and maps featuring links to local businesses to keep visitors returning to your site for information they can’t get from other sites.

Be current – Change with the seasons and the market. Your photos should reflect your season and your surroundings. Keep your content new and compelling with a blog. Feature the fluctuations in current interest rates or a calendar of community events. 

Be a local expert – Use the local knowledge to your advantage. If you can make recommendations to restaurants, nightlife, and places to see in the area, make sure to let the visitors know when they can go, where these places can be found, parking tips, and advice that only the locals would know. A list of the local post offices, DMV, police and fire departments, places of worship, and schools are always valuable to someone new in town.

Encourage interaction – Get people engaging regularly with reoccurring points of interest like weekly trivia about your area or multi-choice polls. People like to take part in quick polls or trivia games while on Facebook and Instagram. If you share interesting topics, they will keep coming back for more.

Use videos – Break up the monotony of all the text with some videos. Whether you are shooting video tours of your properties, fun shots as you get ready for an open house, or testimonials from past customers, it is a great way to keep your viewership engaged and can give you a creative outlet for fresh content.


The goal of any professional site is to capture business. Make sure that you give your viewers easy opportunities to contact you. While your awards and achievements might be of great value to you, they don’t mean anything to a potential customer browsing a site. In order to make an online interaction stick, you don’t need a resume. You need to be readily available. 



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