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Home Decor Trends of 2018

Home Decor Trends of 2018

Home décor is very personal. But don’t underestimate the impact that a well decorated space can have on potential home buyers. For someone who just purchased, you may be on the hunt for something that looks trendy or timeless. Those “timeless” looks will fluctuate with the decades. Trends will come back in fashion so things that were unpopular a few years ago could start to make a resurgence. It is easy to see what is most popular with a quick Google search of home décor trends. Here are some of the most popular items in home décor according to average monthly Google searches looking back 15 years:


Trends on the RiseHome Decor Trends of 2018


Steady Décor TrendsHome Decor Trends of 2018


Trends on the DeclineHome Decor Trends of 2018


Surprisingly, retro refrigerators, geodes, and dream catchers are on the rise in popularity. These were all very specific to trends of decades past but each has started to see a modernization in their usage in current home decorating. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the once wildly popular searches for fake fruit, inspirational plaques, and La-Z-Boys have all but fallen off the map.

Holding remarkably steady across the last 15 years are items like Kitchenaid mixers, wind chimes, rope lights, and ferns. These has stood the test of time and do not seem to be impacted by the whims of fluctuating trends.

The three pieces of home décor with the most searches across the time in this metric has been terrarium, succulents, and futons. While terrariums and succulents started out on the lower end and gradually increased in popularity, the opposite is true for futons. Futons were the number one searched item on this list prior to 2010. They took a steep dive in that year and searches have been low ever since.

Remember, decorating a home is all about your personal taste. You can’t please everyone with your décor but with a little research, it’s easy to find out what the majority of people are interested in at any given moment in time.

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