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5 Reasons Why Your Listing Won’t Sell

5 Reasons Why Your Listing Wont Sell

5 Reasons Why Your Listing Wont SellThis much is true: For the right price, every home will sell. But before breaking your bank, be sure to capitalize on these five factors. You might be surprised how far a little due diligence and sprucing up will take you!

Showing Restrictions

The more difficult you make it for potential buyers to see your listing, the more likely they are to look elsewhere. Have your agent set up appointments if necessary, but try not to make it a habit. Making sure your property has the most eyes on it is imperative to getting the most offers!


An extra incentive for the buyer’s agent can determine your property’s ranking in the list of homes to view that day. See if your agent is willing to consider an above average commission split or a bonus for the buyer’s agent to try to influence who comes in and when. If your agent is already cutting commission, it could sink your chances before you even get started.

Too Lived-in

Potential buyers are trying to envision themselves in your listing. This can be a challenge if you have magnets on the fridge, knickknacks around the house, and a general “lived in” look. Declutter the home first, possibly even moving excess furniture into storage during the listing period. At the very least, make sure you hire a professional cleaning service before putting the home on the market.


I remember having a seller that simply put their three dogs in the backyard whenever I was showing their home. The dogs barked constantly… from the moment we entered the house to the point when we left. I urged the sellers to board their pets or take them with them, and sure enough, I got an offer on the first showing without the dogs making constant noise.

It’s in your interest to temporarily relocate all animals from the home during showings. Pets can make some potential buyers uncomfortable and vice versa. Remember, “your pets are not their pets”. What you consider cute and cuddly might be perceived as off-putting and even a reason not to buy. If that’s out of the question, think about housing your pets in a crate, so they can rest comfortably while people tour the property… as long as they are comfortable with “outsiders” being in the home.

Condition and Odor

Over time, you’ve probably grown accustomed to the general wear and tear of your home, so be aware of any easy fixes to the home’s aesthetic condition. As we all know, something as simple as a fresh coat of paint on the walls can brighten up an entire room!

Beyond that, you’ll want to do your best to eliminate any pet, smoke or pungent food odors. This can really effect a buyer’s perception of the listing. For tough-to-remove odors, consider hiring ONEighty Solutions, who guarantees to get rid of any extreme smells.

ONEighty Solutions uses a “green” cleaning treatment, BIOSWEEP®, to purge odors, decontaminate surfaces, and provide antimicrobial solutions that remove harsh odors.

The Difference

It’s you and your agent’s responsibility to get your listing ready by having it staged, cleaned, and ready to show. By doing your due diligence, you’ll highlight the home’s best assets and attract more potential buyers!

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