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Agents are Friends, Not Food

Agents are Friends, Not Food

Agents are Friends, Not Food

In real estate, we’re constantly interacting with customers and agents from within and outside our organization. And in a communication-heavy industry, reputations are king.

So, what does this have to do with you? Well, contrary to popular belief, being an independent contractor isn’t synonymous with every man for himself. In fact, burning bridges can come at a hefty price—which is why we created this list!

Below are three tips to help you manage and develop professional relationships in real estate.

Agents are resources not adversaries

It’s not easy learning the ropes in real estate. One of the single greatest resources at your disposal: fellow agents. Whether its sharing tips and tricks or gaining referrals, being a team player can go a long way in developing a successful business. Keep in mind, generosity goes a long way—particularly when it comes to cultivating a strong support system.

Reputation is everything

How you treat others is a reflection onto yourself. And cutting ties in this industry has serious repercussions. Sure, you work for yourself, but our business doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your reputation, good or bad, will inevitably precede you. Professionalism should be a core tenant of your brand. No one cares about the nuance of the situation prompting any inappropriate behavior. They care about working with someone with integrity. You’re here to provide a service. Save the theatrics for Bravo.

Don’t just survive, thrive

In today’s market, there’s more than enough business to go around. Translation: Playing the blame game will get you nowhere fast. Real estate is a highly competitive industry, but at the end of the day, you’re responsible for you. Trouble with another agent? Maintain your composure and keep it moving. Your cordiality will pay off in the long run.

Remember: Agents are friends—not food.

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