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Broker Support: The Perk You Never Knew You Needed

Broker Support: The Perk You Never Knew You Needed

It happens far too often. You have a problem with a transaction and need some guidance. Who do you call? Your broker.

However, he’s meeting with one of his clients. So he sends it to voicemail. Then he doesn’t check his voicemail until several hours later, then he takes a few more hours to call back. By that time, your deal could have fell through because you didn’t know what to do and your broker wouldn’t return your calls.

Or, even worse, you find yourself competing against your broker for transactions. How sure can you be that they’ll give you the best advice when they’re in competition with you for buyers and sellers?

These are the problems Metro Brokers set out to fix. Our Broker Support department is unlike anything else.

What is it?

Broker Support is a group of staff members whose sole responsibility is assisting our agents. They don’t have clients; they just help you with yours.

Seven days per week, Broker Support can be reached to assist you in any way they can. Someone is in our Broker Support office 78 hours out of the week.

Who are they?

Our Broker Support staff are experienced agents who have been asked to join the staff and assist other agents.

They have experience in residential, commercial and business brokerage to new homes, international properties and more.

To put it simply, they are your fire department when that wildfire breaks out.

What are our agents saying?

“On my first day as a Metro Brokers agent, one of the first things I was asked to do was program the phone number for "Broker Support" into my phone. I have found Broker Support, to be nothing short of just that, Broker Support. They have not only met, but exceeded my expectations by offering valuable insight, helpful assistance and answer any question I have, no matter how large or small, in a timely and professional manner.” – Imamu Burton of the West Cobb Office

“Broker support is available even after hours and on weekends which provides you with someone by your side when you find yourself in an unchartered area. Until you have been in that awkward situation of trying to guide a customer when you are unsure, you will not realize the value of this. I would strongly encourage you to join Metro Brokers with the strong support of success in which I am very glad I did.” – Natalie Anagostis of the East Cobb Office

“I’ve gained better time management and business building practices from my coaching sessions with Broker Support. With all of this great support and training behind me, I’m confident and ready to be successful as a Realtor with BHGRE Metro Brokers!” – Woody Booker of the Stonecrest Office

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