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Why Veterans Make Great Real Estate Agents

Why Veterans Make Great Real Estate Agents

In 2013, we introduced a new program specifically for members of the armed forces. Titled “Veterans to Real Estate Professionals (VREP)”, the program is aimed at helping members of the military transition to civilian life by giving them a great career path. It’s available for National Guard and Reserve members in addition to veterans.

Why did we start this program? We found that many of our most successful sales associates were previously part of the armed forces in one way or another. We knew that developing a veterans program would be a great way to give back to those who have sacrificed for our country, and help them build a new, successful career.

It’s no surprise that veterans make such good real estate agents. Their military training has prepared them to succeed in this industry. Here are just some of the qualities that can turn a soldier into a top-producing agent:

Discipline – Being a good real estate agent is all about best practices and setting goals. That includes making cold calls, contacting people you know, staying in touch with past clients and servicing current clients properly. You put a plan into place, and stick to it.

Resiliency – Good agents don’t give up. As a salesperson, you have to get used to hearing “no” sometimes, whether you’re on a listing appointment or trying to negotiate an offer. Don’t let that discourage you from your ultimate goals. If you are not hearing “no”, or feeling rejected occasionally, then you are not working enough.

Dedication – If you’re getting into real estate for the “easy” hours, be prepared to have a tough time. Successful agents know that you have to work extra hours, nights and weekends if you want to meet the goals you set for yourself.

Loyalty – Real estate agents should be loyal to their clients and customers, and always keep their best interests in mind. If you look out for them, they’ll look out for you.

Respect – Being a Realtor® requires you to adhere to a strict code of ethics. This includes respecting your clients, fellow agents and broker.

Initiative – Don’t just sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Successful sales associates know that you need to be proactive and think about new ways you can gain business. It’s that ambition that makes veterans a great fit for real estate.

Teamwork – We are required to work with fellow agents, loan officers, closing attorneys, insurance agents, builders, banks and many others in our line of work. If you aren’t a team player, you’re going to lose the game.

We’ve had amazing success with the Veterans to REP program so far as hundreds of veterans have enrolled in the program, and we have received a commendation from Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. If you want to learn more, visit

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