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Getting Your House Ready to Show

Getting Your House Ready to Show

A well-staged home is one that potential buyers feel emotionally attached to when they walk in. They can see their family sitting on the couch and watching television. They can see their future holidays around the dining room table.

But an empty home evokes no emotion. It leaves everything up to the buyer’s imagination. And while sometimes your buyer might have a good imagination, it still helps to give them a good vision and starting point.

Getting your home ready to show may seem pretty simple, but a lot of work is involved. But if you do it right, it will pay off in the end.

Start Cleaning Ahead of Time

It’s best to deep-clean your home about a week before your photography session or showings. Remove any unnecessary clutter and only leave out things you need to use daily.

Make sure everything is clean. That includes windows, floors, countertops, etc. If a prospective buyer walks into a messy home, they’re going to begin to wonder if you’ve taken care of the home or if it’s going to have a lot of problems.

Don’t forget the outside. Tidy up your landscaping, plant new flowers if you need to, mow the lawn and clean off sidewalks, driveways, etc.

Refresh Your Home on Showing Day

Make sure you’re up early the day that your photography session or showing is scheduled. Just because your home is clean, doesn’t mean your work is done.

Spot clean your windows, countertops, floors, ceiling fans and other areas that may have collected dirt or fingerprints during the week.

Replace any burnt out light bulbs, remove items from your kitchen and bathroom countertops, take any magnets off your refrigerator, hide your trash cans, turn on all your lights and turn off all your ceiling fans.

Ask Your Agent

Your agent has been through showings before. They’ll have good advice for you and can tell you if you may have missed anything. Ask them if your home looks up to par.

Congratulations! Your home is now ready to show and you’re one step closer to the closing table.

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