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2023 Top Producers - North Fulton & Forsyth & Johns Creek

Help us in congratulating our Top Producing Agents for their success in 2023!

Top Agents and Teams by Office

 Gokul Pillai - Top Individual  Johns Creek
 Emily Mackenzie - Top Individual  North Fulton
 Laura Quinn - Top Individual  Forsyth
 The Broyles Team - Top Team  North Fulton
 BellNash Team - Top Team  Forsyth


 Mark Broyles   North Fulton


 The Broyles Team  North Fulton


 Laura Quinn  Forsyth


 Patrick Bell  Forsyth
 Brad Carlton  Forsyth
 Millie Duran-Gonzales  Johns Creek
 Giuliana Enriquez  North Fulton
 Lorelei Fischer  North Fulton
 Jessica Frazer  Johns Creek
 Persephone Galambos  North Fulton
 Carey Hudson  Forsyth
 Heather Hylested  Forsyth
 Dan Jones  North Fulton
 Rums Kazi  Johns Creek
 Bo Krejci  Forsyth
 Emily Mackenzie  North Fulton
 Gokul Pillai  Johns Creek
 Noel Schenck  North Fulton
 Dominque Simmons  North Fulton
 Donald Talley  North Fulton
 Julie Tressler  Forsyth
 BellNash Team  Forsyth
 The Giuliana Enriquez Team  North Fulton


 Oliver Alexander   Forsyth
 Jose Aybar  North Fulton
 Carole Blocker  Forsyth
 Jennifer Brooks  Forsyth
 Kathy Bush  North Fulton
 Elaine Carlton  Forsyth
 Stacy Carter   North Fulton
 Adriane Dragomirescu  Forsyth
 Sandee Garihan  North Fulton
 Oscar Gomez  North Fulton
 Leslie Harper  North Fulton
 Laura Hinson  Forsyth
 Robert Mack  Forsyth
 Sathish Menon North Fulton
 Rich Murray  Forsyth
 Karen Nash  Forsyth
 David Postell  North Fulton
 Sam Russell  Forsyth
 Divya Saluja  Forsyth
 Evelyn Sanchez  North Fulton
 Latonya Shearn  Forsyth
 Marie Steedley  Forsyth
 Suzette Taylor  North Fulton
 Danielle Windley  Johns Creek