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Christy Gaddis of the Perimeter office

"Prior to joining Metro Brokers, I was with another agency for about six months. I was promised new agent support but I wasn’t getting what I needed. But when I called for help on my first listing, my broker told me she was out on her own listing and told me to get in contact with someone else. Then I got a card in the mail from Metro Brokers and decided to interview to see what they offered. Upon arriving, I was introduced to Broker Support and I was blown away because no other companies offered anything like that.  Coming to Metro Brokers was life changing because I don’t have to compete with the broker and I have support when I need it."

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Irene Prue of the Rabun office

"Metro Brokers had the resources, the infastructure, and the training that I needed so I was able to exceed my expectations. I thank them for their ongoing support."

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Gabe Hicks of the Perimeter office

"I came to Metro Brokers because they are one of the few brokerages that caters to a new agent. Once you get your license, you often have no idea how to sell a house afterwards. Having that support is something that I really appreciated.”

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Alyssa Garrett of the Peachtree City office

"When I visited Metro Brokers for the first time, I didn’t feel like just another number like I did with some other brokers I interviewed. That really made a big impression. Not the mention the support and training available to agents is unmatched.”