The Kitchen: Hub of the Modern Home

While cooking at home has always been in style, popular cooking shows on the Food Network and HGTV have made the kitchen the hub of the modern home in most homeowner’s minds. Instead of a functional room tucked out of sight as it might have been in the past, the kitchen now takes center stage and can make or break a property when it comes time to sell.

When staging your home, the kitchen should come first. Buyers are particular about what they want in a kitchen and are prepared to pay for what they like. Showcase your kitchen in the best light and it can help you sell faster and have a higher final price. Plain and simple, an attractive kitchen can be the difference between a showing and an offer.

Kitchens Sell Homes

Get cleaned up

First things first, clean that kitchen from top to bottom! While kitchen design can be important, cleanliness is above and beyond anything else. If your floor tiles are looking rough, replace those that need to be replaced and steam clean the remainder. You may even want to consider an entire flooring upgrade. Give the most attention to your sink, countertop and stovetop. Don’t ignore your cabinets and drawer pulls. Giving the doors a good wiped down probably isn’t a part of your normal cleaning routine, so they’re probably dirtier than you realize. Be sure to also clean your refrigerator and oven, since a lot of buyers actually look in there during the showing.

Remove that clutter

It’s not uncommon to have a bit of extra “stuff” in the kitchen. Most people are used to spending significant time in the kitchen, so it’s not surprising that it attracts clutter. Concentrate on making the countertops absolutely clean. This means removing any small appliances, coffee mugs and accessories, baskets, knick knacks, decorations... you start to get the picture. You should leave no more than two appliances on your counter. After removing the kitchen counter clutter, add items that complement the space such as a bowl of fresh fruit, bright dishtowels, a cookbook, and definitely some plants or flowers.

Adding modern touches

Remember, you’re competing against every other home in your price range in your area. While cleaning and staging your kitchen can go a long way, an outdated kitchen can still be a hard sell. With that in mind, you should consider touring some new construction model homes to get some ideas about the current trends. It might put you in the mood to complete some upgrades. This includes new appliances, upgraded countertops and cabinets, new lighting and everything having to do with the kitchen sink.

People spend a lot of time in their kitchen. If you’re looking at putting your home on the market, the kitchen is the first room you should take a long look at. When buyers see that you’ve taken the care to make sure your kitchen is top notch, it will translate into a quicker sale.