Home Makeover Tips for Atlanta Home Owners

Investing in Fine Rugs

Get advice on investing in custom, contemporary and oriental rugs.

Simple Steps to Organize Small Kitchens

Simple Steps to Organize Small Kitchen
There are many methods you can use in order to maximize your space and transform a petite kitchenette into a culinary cookery.

Learn How to Save Water and Create a Water Conserving Landscape

Learn How to Save Water and Create a Water Conserving Landscape
Your garden doesn’t need to be a water hog. Learn how to save water and create a water conserving landscape, also known as xeriscaping.

Remodeling ROI: Low Price, High Return Renovations

Remodeling ROI: Low Price, High Return Renovations
Focusing on key areas in the house can mean big returns when it comes time to sell.

Great Kitchens Sell Homes

Great Kitchens Sell Homes
To sell your home fast, showcase your kitchen as a clean, modern, inviting and immaculate environment.

Green Home Makeovers

Green Home Makeovers
How to save the environment without solar panels.

Knock-Out Neutrals

Knock-Out Neutrals
By selecting from a range of neutral shades, you can add sophistication and selling power all at once.

Choosing a Quality Carpet

Choosing Quality Carpet
How to choose a quality carpet for your home that will look great and handle the wear and tear.

Creating a Focal Point

Like a fine painting, every room has a focal point. It’s the element that draws your eye first, and invites you for a closer look.

Using Color Theory in Home Décor

Learning how colors are created and what effect they have on you can also be useful in choosing the right colors for your décor.

How To Paint Like a Pro

A simple paintjob can add new life to your home and increase your home’s selling value significantly. These easy tips will get you through the painting process.

Working with Color & How to Choose a Wood Tone

Find out how to make simple changes in color and arrangement to bring out the beauty of your wood furniture.

How To Add Color To Small Spaces

Use energetic colors to add style quality to any small room.

Tips for Choosing Color, Room by Room

The key to creating a balanced flow in your home is to paint rooms with colors that relate to one another.