Home Makeover Tips for Atlanta Home Owners

The Kitchen: Hub of the Modern Home

Kitchens Sell Homes
Selling your home quickly is easy when you showcase your kitchen as a clean and modern environment.

Spend Less on "Greening" Your Home

Green Home Makeovers
You can save money - and the environment - with these cost friendly tips for creating a green home.

Neutral Colors are a Virtue

Neutrals When Selling Your Home
Choosing neutral shades when painting your home can help your home sell faster.

Upgrading Your Carpet

Choosing a Carpet for Your Home Sale
Pick the right carpet for your home that will look great and handle wear and tear.

Focal Points: Giving Rooms Focus

Focal Points for Staging
When staging your home for sale, focal points can help give each room in your house an intriguing element.

Adding Color To Small Spaces

Color when Staging Small Spaces
Use bright and energetic colors to add some style to any small room.