Moving With Children: New School, New Friends, More Fun

A move can be a difficult life experience to embrace, especially when you’re relocating children of any age. Everything will be new and different, which can leave a child with unsettling feelings of the unknown. So, what’s the solution and how do you cope? Communication, embracement and inclusion are the keys to ensure a successful move and your kid’s confidence.

Moving With Children

Sympathize with their Feelings

More than likely, your child is going to be the new kid in a new school away from all their old friends. They are going to feel anxious and insecure. Give them time to process the change. Sure you just know they’re going to love it, but they need to be won over. Don’t expect their minds to change overnight.

Do the Research

The more you know about the town you are moving to, the more you can help your child feel comfortable with the transition. Pre-game before you tell your offspring about the move. Find out about the local scene. Research activity groups for hobbies they’re interested in. Explore the website for the new school they will be attending. If possible, take a day trip to your new location prior to the move so they can get familiar with the change in scenery.

Make their Decisions Matter

The fear of moving mostly comes from lack of control. Hone in on this by giving your family fun tasks associated with the change. Picking a paint color, furniture, or new comforter set for their rooms gives kids some decision making power as well as something to look forward to in their new home.