Tips for Buying & Selling Homes in Atlanta, GA

How to: Price Your Home for Sale

How to Price Your Home for Sale
What’s the secret to selling your house in the Atlanta real estate market? There’s one, and only one, factor that will quickly get your house off the market – make sure it’s priced right.

Moving with Young Children

Moving with Young Children
Communication, embracement and inclusion are the keys to ensure a successful move and your kid's confidence.

How Much Home Should You Buy?

How Much Home Should You Buy
Buying a home in the Atlanta real estate market is a long-term investment, so most people think you should buy as much house as you can possibly afford. But this is not always the best approach.

Ordering Your Free Credit Report

Under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, you’re entitled to a free copy of your report every 12 months.

Home Appraisal Basics

Home Appraisal Basics 
A real estate appraisal helps to establish a property's market value–market value being the sales price it would bring if offered on the market today.

Buying an Investment Property

Thinking of buying an investment property? Find out what you need to know about purchasing an investment property and what the lender requires.

Getting Pre-Qualified For a Mortgage

Before starting your home search, it’s important to know exactly how much you can spend on your new home.