Veterans to Real Estate Professionals

The transition from military to civilian life can be challenging as you try to decide what to do in the next phase of your life.

Similar to the military, we train our recruits. We understand the discipline, resiliency, and respect for procedures you developed from your time serving our country. Those characteristics, combined with the tools and support available at Metro Brokers, make for an exciting and successful new career in Real Estate.

BHGRE Metro Brokers wants to make your transition to becoming a Real Estate Professional successful with our Veterans to Real Estate Professionals (REP) program.

Our Veterans to REP Program

The Veterans to REP program is specifically designed for Army, Navy, Marine Corp and Air Force Veterans.

Our program provides recruits with:

  • A full scholarship that covers the cost of Real Estate School
  • The first 6 months of real estate expenses with BHGRE Metro Brokers

    (an investment of over $3K in each recruit)

In return, the recruit will sign a 24-month commitment to work with BHGRE Metro Brokers and be enrolled in the company’s X-celerater program.

Perks of Working with Metro Brokers

  • Best training in the industry
  • Mentorship and coaching from Brokers with combined 200 years of experience
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Exciting team environment
  • Quick upstart
  • Help others find their dream home
  • Each deal is unique and exciting
  • More time with family and friends
  • Be your own boss

Your Path to Success

Recruits will also be placed on BHGRE Metro Brokers’ exclusive X-celerater program where they will receive the training needed to become a highly successful Real Estate Professional. BHGRE Metro Brokers invests time, resources and money into our Veterans.

Coaching and Support

Coaches provide guidance through X-celerater, and help recruits develop strategies for business planning, prospecting, time management, goal setting, and more.

Marketing Advice and Implementation

Recruits meet with a Marketing Specialist who assists them with sending 300 direct mailers to targeted consumers to promote their business as well as creating and distributing a custom e-marketing piece announcing their new career to everyone they know.

Innovative Technology

Each recruit receives a unique, fully customizable website for free, as well as assistance from an IT Specialist in personalizing their website and optimizing their internet presence.

Free Leads

Over the course of X-celerater, recruits gain 100 free leads to jumpstart their business. During this time, they also meet with their coach to strategize on methods of turning those leads into clients, as well as ways to generate additional leads.

Connect With Us!

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Colonel Dennis Brown

Army, Retired

Veterans to REP is a great program that will enable many veterans to move forward quickly in their transition from serving their country to serving their communuity.

Major Calvin S. Posner

President, Georgia Federal/Military Retiree Coalition, Inc.

The training and support in the Veterans to REP program provides an exceptional opportunity for success. Officers and senior NCOs will find a home in which their organizational and leadership skills and experience will be welcomed.

Success Stories

Gary and Sheryl Smith


Going into real estate offers you the opportunity to become the leader and individual you want to be, while BHGRE Metro Brokers offers you the support and tools you need to capture more business. ...more

Mark Congdon

Coast Guard

My years of service in the military have contributed greatly to my success in real estate. Buying a home is one of the most difficult purchases you can make, and clients greatly appreciate that I have the skills necessary to guide them through this process, all because of my time in the Coast Guard. ...more

Marvis Stewart

Air Force

When I retired from the service after 22 years, I received my real estate license because I saw how the skills I learned from my time in the Air Force could transition into success in real estate. I chose BHGRE Metro Brokers specifically for the support and guidance offered. ...more

David Mills

Air Force

Having the discipline to always follow-up and follow-through for your clients, putting your clients needs first, and the ability to follow instructions and processes are all skills that will allow you to take this career and your income to a whole new level. ...more

Joe Brooks

Army, Marine Corps, National Guard

I’m convinced that people who have served our country excel in the areas of discipline, loyalty, initiative, and teamwork. While serving, you learn to wake up in the morning with a mission. ...more

John Walsh


I’m here because President and CEO Kevin Levent provided me with a turn-key opportunity to create the career I wanted. You can, too. With the same effort you have demonstrated while you were in service, you grow your own company, achieve your financial and personal goals, and have a little fun along the way! ...more

Frank Holden


With the training and perspective I gained from my time in the military, I made more money in real estate than I did as a lawyer. 40+ years later, I still believe in my career, and I know I'm successful because of my prior military experience. ...more